What is the course of therapy?


The basis for the start of therapy is a positive result of the first (trial) training. If the trial training was successful and the patient is eligible for the HAL® treatment, we offer the therapeutic cycle which lasts for about 3 months. In outpatient mode (visits) the patient is subjected to the therapy every day for 5 days a week. Daily treatment duration is about two hours, including the time required for preparation of the patient before and after substantial training. In stationary mode (residence) the patient is accommodated in our rehabilitation centre and in addition to the HAL® therapy, which is run for 5 or 6 days a week, has individually developed comprehensive therapy program – additional therapeutic activities. The duration of rehabilitation is up to 300 minutes a day. The scope and intensity is each time adjusted to the needs and possibilities of the patient.
Progress of the therapy is daily recorded and made available to both the patient and the medical services of the insurer (if the insurance company finances the treatment).
On request, the patient or the payer receives a video showing the progress of therapy.

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