Principles of HAL® therapy


HAL® stands for “Hybrid Assistive Limb” and is a device that is used in a 3-month therapy program to help patients amplify signals from the brain, thereby training the muscular and nerval structure to a point where independent movement of the legs may – depending on the severity of the injury or disease – become possible. The Lower LimbHAL® Version was approved in December 2015 by the international health organization as a device for medical therapy (medical device certificate CE 0197) and has proven its effectiveness in several studies.

HAL® is the only device that is activated and controlled directly by the nervous system of the patient – the so-called active exoskeleton. The movement command, which is created in the brain, specifically in the motor cortex, is transmitted to the muscles of the patient in the form of a nerve impulse, transmitted through the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, causing muscle contraction and movement.

In patients with neurogenic gait dysfunctions (after an accident or as a result of a disease), induction or transmission of such a signal is significantly weakened. For this reason, the patient is not able to initiate movement. With the HAL® device, residual nerve signals are received by sensors (located on the surface of the skin, the muscles of the lower limbs of the patient), then amplified and transmitted to the robot. The system recognizes them and provides the patient the necessary force support which allows him/her to perform a desired, target movement. This stimulates to the maximum the phenomenon called neuroplasticity. The formation of new connections between neurons (nerve cells) improves the transmission of nerve-muscle signals, which stimulates the central nervous system even more effectively (the so-called biofeedback).

This phenomenon is responsible for the effectiveness of therapy. Systematic exercises performed during training create new neural connections, rebuild the gait pattern, enhance the muscle strength and restore the ability to walk.

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