Principles of HAL® therapy

HAL® is the only device that is activated and controlled directly by the nervous system of the patient - the so-called active exoskeleton.... Read More

Neuromuscular biofeedback

The principle of biofeedback is based on the electrical pulse emitted from the motor cortex of the brain and received by the sensor (electrode) transdermally from the muscles...

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Broad spectrum of use

Because HAL® effectively improves the muscle strength of the lower limbs the treatment is dedicated to a wide group of patients with impaired gait...

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Results of HAL® therapy

Already several hundred patients underwent the therapy using the bionic HAL® skeleton. These were patients with incomplete spinal cord injury, after stroke and with different types of muscle diseases...

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What is the course of therapy?

The basis for the start of therapy is a positive result of the first (trial) training. If the trial training was successful and the patient is eligible for the HAL® treatment...

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